What is 2-1-1?

Two – one – one is a simple, easy – to – remember three digit dialing code that offers access to community resources to all current and former members of all branches of the military. Two – one – one is a confidential service.

Information and Referral Specialists ask about Basic demographic information only for the purposes of identifying appropriate referrals.

In Washington State, two – one – one is a network of previously independent call centers working together to provide statewide access to 2-1–1 services and community resources.

What does two – one – one mean for Military, Active-Duty, Retired, Veterans and dependents?

Easy access: One phone call can connects people to information about twice a wide array of community services

Increased efficiency: As a centralized clearinghouse of information about available services, agency staff can quickly locate resources for their clients. Also, with the reduction in inappropriate for referrals, agency staff can devote more time to meeting the collars needs.

A planning tool: 2-1-1 tracks request for resources, which helps to identify current trends and gaps and services. Track and resources will allow 2-1-1 to meet the needs of current and former military members more efficiently.

Who should call 2-1-1?

Anyone needing community resource information and referral should call 2-1-1. Trained 2-1-1 one information and referral specialist can provide referrals to programs on and off base.

The Information and Referral Specialists use a comprehensive database, which has off and on base resources such as:

  • Rent/Mortgage Assistance
  • Counseling And Support Groups
  • Food And Clothing Banks
  • Transportation
  • Shelter And Affordable Housing
  • Community Integration
  • Employment/Employment Integration
  • Education Benefits
  • VA Disability Claims
  • Legal Referral Services
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